2010-09-08Dr Wong Kwok Kui
Yan Chai Hospital
Multifocal Acquired Motor Axonopathy (MAMA)

Dr Tsang Kin Lun
Private Neurologist
Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
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2010-08-11Dr Chan Yin Cheung Phillip
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Lithium Intoxication

Dr Yip Kin Keung Edwin
Ruttonjee Hospital
Update on Management of Arterial Dissection
2010-07-14Dr Chan Lung Tat
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Posterior Cortical Atrophy

Dr Shiu Ka Lock
Tuen Mun Hospital
Management of Multiple Sclerosis 2010
2010-06-09Dr Fong Man Kei
Princess Margaret Hospital
Pantothenate Kinase Associated Neurodegeneration (PKAN)

Dr Sheng Bun
Princess Margaret Hospital
Towards a Better Understanding of Muscle Disease
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2010-05-12Dr Chan Chee Yan Amanda
Tuen Mun Hospital
Issac’s Syndrome

Prof Emilio Perucca
University of Pavia, Italy
Intravenous Formulation of Antiepileptic Drug: Rationale and Comparative Values
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2010-04-21Dr Pang Yin Yu Shirley
Queen Mary Hospital
Post-Transplant Lympho-Proliferative Disorder of Central Nervous System

Dr Wong Chi Keung
North District Hospital
A Personal Experience with IOMD – Intra-Operative Diagnostics
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2010-03-10Dr Au Wing Chi Lisa
Prince of Wales Hospital
Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy in a Dermatomyositis Patient

Dr Fong Wing Chi
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Data Monitoring of Acute Stroke Service in Hospital Authority
2010-02-10Dr Vincent Ip
Prince of Wales Hospital
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Prof Eugen Trinka
Medical University Innsbruck, Austria
Drug Treatment of Epilepsies and Status Epilepticus
2010-01-13Dr Leung Yan Ching Eric
Ruttonjee Hospital

Prof Mok Chung Tong Vincent
Prince of Wales Hospital/Chinese University of Hong Kong
Evaluation of Executive Dysfunction in Neurological Diseases
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2009-12-09Dr Lau Pui Kei Patrick
Caritas Medical Centre
Post-Influenza Encephalitis

Prof Shum Kwok Yan Daisy
LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
Update on Neural Stem Cell Research
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